Love Again

Laying here
So different yet familiar
Awkward as the first time
Unforgettable as the last

Arm around my body
Lips near my neck
A scent I’ll never forget
It’s like coming home again

Falling in love with you
Every day as I look into your eyes
Sound of your voice keeps calling me
Over and over again this love prevails



Flushed cheeks
Thumping heart
Smile on my face
Tears in my eyes
Stammering words
Walking on air
Heavy breathing
This is crazy
Yet I can’t stop smiling


Liquid streams down my face
As I gasp, struggling for air
Anxiety kicks in
Thoughts of the worse flood in
Holding back the urge to scream!

Wipe off my tears
Sit up
Take a deep breath
Five minutes later,
It’s like it never happened.


I feel it building it up
The moment is close
Fear can’t win this
Fighting so I don’t drown
There will be tears
So much pain
I must gain my happiness again.


The buzzing of insects linger in the background as I devour my book. I’m not one for cute romances but I can’t put this one down. The sun continues to illuminate the living room. Laughter from down the street can be heard. It’s the perfect summer afternoon.

He shifts slightly on my lap, sweat formed on his forehead. He gave up on his book long ago and turned to look at pics and videos on his phone. Shirtless with just basketball shorts on, he has enjoyed every bit of the day. I can’t help but take a peek when I turn a page. With the sun rays dancing on his skin, illuminating his features.

“You about done yet,” he says looking up at me.

“Nope, I may read the whole day,” I say, “it’s really good.”

“Every book you read is good.”

“That’s because I have great taste in books.”

“IS that so?” he says as he turns his body around so that he is laying on his stomach.

Turning the page, “Yes. Now please stop distracting me… I’m getting to the good part.”

There’s shuffling as he moves about. I try to ignore as the heroine is about to fight her inner demons and attempt to talk to her crush. My book is pulled up out of my hands, bookmarked, then placed on top of a stack of books on our coffee table. I give him the best angry face that I can muster up but he challenges it with his best smile.

“Don’t be mad baby,” he says giving me kisses on my face and neck, “I just want your attention.”

He pulls my shirt off, kissing every inch he can, his lips tickling my skin. His body radiates heat.

“You could’ve of just asked for it,” I say in between giggles.

He pulls me to a sitting position as he drops to his knees. Slowly, he lifts my skirt, allowing a bit of air to flow between my legs. I watch as he places my feet on the stack of books, his eyes looking up at me for a moment, before he goes in for the kill.

His warm tongue makes me jump at the first touch but that doesn’t stop him. He slowly flicks his tongue around causing a moan to escape from my mouth. Rubbing his head, I let him have all my attention.


It’s lost somewhere in here
This passion that is fizzling inside
I’m fighting to keep it alive
No dream such as this should die
Can’t allow negativity to strangle it
On and on until it blooms significantly
A silent struggle that I will continue on
Hoping, praying, and fighting to accomplish it all
This spark will do until it becomes a growing flame.

Wait pt 2

His lips work furiously to cover every inch of my body. I giggle and moan at each touch. As he nears my hip, I swat at him again. I admit that this is hard to handle. He knows that mornings are my weakness. His head pops up, eyes daring me to stop him from getting what he wants. I have to give in.

“Baby,” I moan out, “I need to get lotion on or else I’ll be dry.”

He gives my hip another kiss, “you’re soft even when you are dry.”

“Baby please?” I say, hoping this slows him down a bit.

He smirks then gets up and I’m able to appreciate the beauty of hisĀ  dark brown skin illuminated by the sun. I watch as he walks over to our dresser and grabs my cocoa butter lotion. With a twinkle in his eye, he walks back to me as he pours a bit into his hand. I sit up, thinking that I would be rubbing lotion on myself but I was wrong.

He takes my left foot into his hands, massaging the lotion into my skin. His hands kneed into my skin, working his way up to my thigh, getting more lotion when needed. He stops just a little above mid-thigh then begins with my right foot, repeating the process. My breathing hitches the closer he gets to me. I can’t look away. I’m entranced.

He pours more lotion into his hand but instead of putting it on me, he places it on his chest, thighs, and arm. He pushes me back onto the bed then squeezes some onto my stomach. I watch as he prowls my way and hovers over me. We look into each others eyes for a few beats. My body has gotten cold. I miss his warmth.

He lowers his body onto mine, using every inch of himself to rub the lotion into my body. I wiggle and move with him, enjoying the way he caresses me. He lifts me up by my hips just so he can massage it into my back then down my cheeks. He takes the liberty of kissing me here and there, nibbling on my neck, and sucking the tips of my nipples. He slowly circles his tongue over them, moving back and forth between the two.

He continues to slide on top of me when he uses his body to open my legs wider. He moves back up, slithering himself into me, just a little then back out. He does this again but puts in a bit more. I nearly have to grab on hold onto him. This was his plan the whole time. Instead of repeating, this time he brings my knee up to his lips, kissing from the knee up to my shin, pushing himself deep inside me.

I let a moan escape me. Our bodies slip around each other and at this point I realize that he may have put some oil in the lotion allowing us more liberty to move with each other. He moves fiercely and I can’t help but to grab his head.

“Baby wait,” I moan.

“Wait for what?” he growls.

And honestly, I have no idea for what. I answer by wrapping my legs around his waist. In the distance, I hear his hands grab unto the bars of our headboard. I struggle to breathe evenly, instead I take gasps in but cry out with each stroke that my body takes in. He growls into my ear and my voices pierces the air.

There’s no way I’ll end up in the office today.